Hitenshi Digital Artwork

What is a commission?
Basically a commission is a fee you pay for a drawing request. Tell me what you want drawn and depending on what the nature of the picture I will charge you a fee for my services.

How will I take commissions?
I will do the commissions in order of payment. Whoever pays first will have their commission done first.

How do you request a commission?
Send me a DeviantArt note OR send me a message on the Hitenshi Tamaskan Facebook page. Please list the following…
Name of your character(s)
What type of picture (chibi, lineart, ect.)
Provide links to your reference pictures. (References must be pictorial)
Provide any additional information or details. (The more information, the better I can serve you)


♦ Digital Lineart $10
♦ Lineless Colours $20
Lineart & Colours $30
Shading + $5
♦ Complete Picture $35
Extra Character + $7

♦ Chibi Digital Lineart $5
♦ Chibi Lineless Colours $10
Chibi Lineart & Colours $15
Shading + $2.50
♦ Chibi Complete Picture $17.50
Extra Character + $3.50

Simple Background + $5
Detailed Background + $15 per hour

Texture + $2

♦ Tribal Tattoo $15 (a design or animal of your choice in the tribal style)
♦ Special Tattoo $15 per hour (a tattoo of desired traits customized to something special, but not a specific design or animal, it is up to the artist to design something. Example: wanting a tattoo to cover up an old one with something that represents the love of wolves with a tribal style.)
Textured Silhouettes $17

How to pay

Send your payment through PayPal to HiTenshi16@gmail.com
I will only accept payments through PayPal.
I will only start on the picture once I have received full payment 
Those with a complex background or Special Tattoo pay afterwards pay the per hour price after picture is complete.

Completion of your picture
I will notify you once the picture is complete and send you a non-watermarked image.

Terms and Conditions
You DO NOT own the rights to this image that I create for you.
You DO NOT have permission to make copies or modifications and sell my artwork.
They are for personal use only.
Any reproduction without permission is copyright infringement and can be fined.